You are my lover

6 Jan 2014

Tonight I can’t sleep, I don’t know why only to know how to save you my love?

In fact, I am not a prophet, but how many years of groundless talk, so I have a pair of special eyes, the eyes are born in mind. In fact, everyone should have, because sometimes you see will deceive his eyes doctorate of business administration, then you have to use your eyes in the heart of the eyes.

In fact, I don’t want to hurt you, my lover, and I don’t want you to be a little bit of damage, what happened today, not for the loss of so little money and pull strange with you, but you tell you what happened, but you do, things happened in anticipation, and you don’t wake up, I am hurt your incompetence and pride.

I know you always did not talk very much, but I know you’re against, what can you prove yourself? My lover!

Person’s life, like building a house, you can for her design for a building, but you have a stone tile laying a foundation, don’t aim too high, otherwise the castles in the air is only a fiction legend! At the moment, he will be with the eyes open and come to nothing. Dream after all, just a dream, a dream come true is not a dream in the bed of the human body.

Is important is on the brain, but is not a dream to come, their thinking is in the feasible point of efforts, more than ordinary people to pay for, they are lost, but lost in accident or mistake, not greed Cloud Service,

My love, you are not you greedy? Don’t know? There were people are greedy cheap. There is no free lunch, only hard work!

I love: the first thirty years of life is life, the middle thirty years is a person in the world is made after thirty years, Liu fang!

Can you today, said and done too let me down, I take what to save you, my brother, my lover franklin templeton!




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